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WE ONLY SELL WHEN IN SEASON. Pre-ordering is not possible, but each product has a 'next available' date to assist you. Due to unprecedented demand and a distinct lack of sun this year, most of our super-plugs are now next available in August. Some are back in stock now.

Our shop starts with an A-Z section representing our full range. Click on each photo for detailed information.

However, if you keep scrolling down, we then group our varieties by preferred conditions to help you choose, including:

🌸Great all-rounders,

🌸Full sun / grassland meadows,


🌸For tall, dense vegetation,

🌸Very dry / stony / chalk,

🌸Flowering lawns,

🌸Damp / Wet,

🌸Heavy clay,

🌸Containers / Pots,

🌸Very special varieties.


Keep scrolling down to see our products (click "more" to reveal more pages).

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How we sell our wildflowers...

We sell over 30 varieties of UK native wildflower, over the course of a year.

We pride ourselves on being a bit different to most nurseries and online sellers. Our plugs are HUGE (yes, that's an adult's hand!).​

They start at just £2.50 each for an established perennial plant  - only a little dearer than mini-plugs a tenth of that size, and way cheaper than garden centre potted perennials. We've paid much more for a cup of tea at events!

Even our dearest plants are less than £4.

There is even an option to pre-order large collections of wildflowers for less than £1.15 per garden-ready perennial.


  • Sowing is notoriously random, and for many varieties a pretty ineffective way of establishing wildflowers (although it works for some).

  • This is because most perennial wildflowers take 1-2 seasons to establish. Many need a winter to germinate.

  • Half of the varieties we sell, will not flower in their first year if you sow them or plant mini-plugs from other sellers.

  • By then, most projects are overwhelmed by weeds/grasses.

  • Mini-plugs are too small to plant straight out, and are often blighted by birds, mice and invertebrates.

  • Our 20cm (6 inch) plugs are already 6-12 months old, with huge root-balls. They are big enough to survive most animal damage and can come back from the root.

  • This means they establish and compete around 3x better than mini-plugs, and 10x better than sowing - in our considerable experience. Establishing a meadow from seed can take 3-7 years. This way, you can do it in 6-18 months!

  • They can be planted straight into their final positions - even in grassland. This means you have complete control over where you put your wildflowers (unlike sowing).

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Wildflower A-Z

30+ varieties on sale, over the course of a year.

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Great 'all-rounder' wildflowers 

Cope with most conditions, and most gardeners!

All of this group will grow on a range of soils and flower freely from year 1. They cope with up to 50% shade throughout the day.

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Wildflowers for grassland meadows...

...Or a standard sunny wild border.

Try these by plugging into grassland after cutting. They all benefit from an autumn cut, and will come again. Some will spread.

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