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The best value way to buy lots of colour, and wildlife potential...

Our purpose, is to help you get enough flowers, colour and wildlife potential into your chosen space.

So, if you help us by ordering well in advance, you can order in bulk (50, 100, 250 or 500 wildflowers) at superb reductions on our website prices.

This does mean a bit of a wait for your plants, but for those planning carefully and planning ahead, this is a novel way to buy wildflowers at a great price. We grow your box to order so you get EXACTLY what you want, not a pre-set collection.

Remember when you compare our prices, that online mini plugs in bulk still cost almost as much. But you would have to grow them on before planting (sometimes for as long as 6 months). 

We've done that work for you, and they are ready to go into their final positions and flower in their first summer with you.

Simply choose the box size of your choice, and purchase the product. Then email us with your wildflower choices, and by all means ask us for advice on your selection (

Delivery times depend on the season, so current estimates are shown on each product below.

NOTE - our 250 and 500 boxes are LARGE orders, taking up a number of palletainers or large boxes. We often suggest personal delivery, depending on postcode.


**Please note, Yellow Rattle cannot be pre-ordered due to it's unpredictable germination**

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