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We've turned a 25-year passion into a family business...

Our nursery, on the banks of the River Trent, near Sherwood Forest, and all of our customer services, are run by Ed.

Ed is the third generation of Nurserymen in the family, but the passion for native wildflowers and restoring native habitat started 20 years ago. Ed graduated as a Master in Biochemistry (Oxford) and had a 20 -year career in the police. Pursuing his hobby he created numerous wildflower habitats during that time, and now we have come together as a family to start a business doing what we love, instead of a hobby fitted around work!

As a family, we've experimented (in different parts of the country) with sowing wildflower habitats and meadows; mostly unsuccessfully. We then starting trying planting, but like most people started with cheap mini-plugs and didn't get the look we intended!

It was our other interest in growing native trees and shrubs, that led to the idea of growing perennial wildflowers to a much bigger size for sale, using root-trainers (commonly used for shrubs).

Then it was about being clear what we stand for as a family business.

🌸Making a living restoring NATIVE habitat and reducing carbon emissions,

🌸Using no plastic/disposable pots, labels or packaging. To help save our oceans/prevent landfill,

🌸Use 70% less compost than a potted plant. No heated greenhouses, sustainable UK-commercial seed,

🌸Selling plants big enough to establish effectively,

🌸Making wildflowers affordable at any scale, with a focus on quality. More customers = more habitat,

🌸Helping customers to CREATE habitats, not only selling plants.

🌸Always available to give informed, friendly and realistic advice, with no commitment. We know our plants, and our native wildlife (with particular 'expertise' in butterflies, bees and birds), and urge you to use our knowledge (before, or after ordering).

We started trading in March 2021, and have proudly reached the milestone of selling over 25,000 of our 'super-plugs'. We've also made a large number of wildlife ponds and planted a huge number of native trees, shrubs and bulbs for customers.

Imagine the habitat all those plants have created, for our bees, butterflies, amphibious- and other -wildlife.

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