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We make wildlife ponds

Indeed, we've made dozens.

It's a big decision to pay for a company to make you a pond, so read our Trustpilot reviews. Whether it's our plugs, our services, or our ponds, we think they speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on only charging on completion to your satisfaction. We discuss expectations before committing to the project so you are fully informed all the way along.

Here is how we build your quote - which is done by email, or by phone if you wish.

We plant using natives - Water Milfoil, Water Hawthorn/Crowfoot, Yellow Flag Iris, Purple Loosestrife, Bog Primula, Ragged Robin, Meadowsweet, Meadow Buttercup, Cuckoo Flower.

We recommend value pea gravel. It looks most natural. But choose your native stone if you wish.

Rocks around the ponds in the photo were extra, unfortunately!

Contact us for a quote.

IMG_1311 (1).jpg

Labour and digger

SMALL (up to 9m squared)


MEDIUM (up to 35m squared)


LARGE (up to 100m squared)


John Hall.jpg

Liner (rubber) with underlay

(30 year guarantee)

SMALL (up to 9m squared)

up to £379

MEDIUM (up to 35m squared)

up to £1,150

LARGE (up to 100m squared)

up to £3,125 


Native pond planting (oxygenators, marginals, bog)

Gravel substrate for beach, edging, or liner cover

SMALL (15 plants, substrate)


MEDIUM (40 plants, substrate)


LARGE (75 plants, substrate bulk bag)


Wildlife ponds: Services
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