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Community / Commercial Services

Grow With Us


Community projects

As a company we've already managed half a dozen contracts with Parish Councils, and have helped with:

  • Making a costed bid for funding,

  • Community/Stakeholder consultation,

  • Creating an action plan,

  • Provision of discounted plants and services,

  • Project management and coordination of groups of volunteers.

Generally, our fee will be 10% of the funding pot, in return for our time and expertise to ensure the money is well spent. Additionally, we provide discounted plants and services if you choose us for project implementation.

Please email or call to discuss ideas.

Talks to community / gardening groups

We can give an input on re-wilding, notably native wildflowers, trees and shrubs, ponds and habitat enrichment for wildlife. We talk through a project like the one in the photo.

We are also experts on birds and butterflies.

This service only costs £40 + reasonable travel charge. We usually give presentations lasting 30 to 90 minutes, in agreement with your needs.

All we ask is that after our talk (usually over tea and coffee) we can display our Farmers Market stand for your members to peruse. No obligation to buy.

Please email or call to discuss ideas...

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Communal/Commercial Services: Services

Community / Commercial Services

Grow With Us

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We can quote for re-wilding in urban/office environments, or put in larger habitats where staff and visitors will see them.

For those with environmental targets or action-plans, re-wilding is superb for carbon offsetting, well-being, and brand-image.

Please email or call to discuss ideas...

Communal/Commercial Services: Services
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