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Customer gallery

These are all from projects we have assisted with.


Kathy's canal-bank

A mix of plug planting and sowing, into deep rich soil...


Dog walkers on the canal tow path stop and marvel at the Butterflies and Bees.

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Lewis's riverside meadow

We planted Ragged Robin in some of the pot holes and sunken areas which retained moisture.


Here you can see the Yellow Rattle we sowed, and some of the Field Scabious we planted.

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In the driest, sunniest corner, we planted Viper's Bugloss. Now in the following summer the flower-spikes thrust upwards above the grasses.

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Donald's orchard meadow...

You can see how the Yellow Rattle we sowed (foreground) is restraining the grass allowing Red Campion plugs to establish more quickly.

Kerry's flowering lawn...

This patch of Self Heal has established from just 5 super-plugs put into the lawn in 2021.
In time, the customer wants a purple lawn!

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A Parish Council public-access meadow...

The paths are kept mown short to encourage locals to walk the meadow.


This photo shows how sowing annuals each Spring in an established meadow adds some beautiful colour (here, native Cornflower).

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Anya's Dog-walking field...

Planted in 2021 with Bird's Foot Trefoil, White Clover, Meadow Buttercup, Ox-eye Daisy and Chicory, they have all spread like wildfire!

John's newly created wildlife pond...

Viewable from the kitchen, John and Stella already have resident Broad-bodied Chaser dragonflies, and a visiting Grey Wagtail.

We planted a marginal shelf, which 2 years from now will be a stunning natural feature.

John Hall.jpg
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