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HOW TO MAKE - a wildlife shrub-thicket

It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that your garden / rewilding area is too small for trees and shrubs.

A wildlife shrub-thicket is a great option for smaller sites, or cases where there is only a small patch available for shrub planting.

A thicket is simply a densely planted group of shrubs, that can/should be lightly pruned annually to keep it to your preferred size (unless you have plenty of space, and wish to leave it wild).

By planting closely together, it ensures that the shrubs grow up and into one-another, to create a single dome of vegetation from 2m (6 ft) square, up to 10m (30 ft) square. Almost like a dome-hedge.

The best varieties have flowers or berries or both, which supports insects and birds, and by letting them grow into a single dome, they become perfect for nesting birds due to their impenetrable nature.

Best varieties, in our experience (all suitable for light pruning to shape, if required) are:

  • Hawthorn

  • Sloe

  • Dogwood

  • Guelder Rose

  • Dog Rose

  • Hazel


  • 2m/6ft square - 7 of our shrubs sold as bare-root 100cm/3ft plants

  • 3m/9ft square - 12 of our shrubs as above

  • 5m/15ft square - 20 of our shrubs as above

  • 10m/30ft square - 40 of our shrubs, as above

Talk to us about professional planting with tree guards. We can hand deliver and do this for you (the option preferred by most customers).


Many nurseries will sell you potted shrubs all year round. And they will charge you for the privilege.

The best time to plant any tree, is in dormancy, any time from mid-December in cold years, through January and February. Possibly early March if it has been cold.

Planting in the growing season (i.e. any other time of the year) is stressful for the tree/shrub. This can be water-stress, sun-stress, and physical stress caused by transplanting when the tree is trying to grow.

You can order any time of year with us, but we will always advise you to plant in the winter with our strong, tall, shrubs from a UK trade nursery.

We don't guarantee that our trees are 30% - 100% cheaper than online potted shrubs. We instead ask you to do your own research to see if you can find cheaper! 😇

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