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Why our nursery isn't open to the public...

This is a very common question from customers, both at our shows on online. The answer may be of interest to some so I've included it here.

Reason 1 is economics - it's hugely expensive to maintain an 'open business premises' for the requisite 5 or 6 days a week. Staff costs, energy costs, business rates and insurance costs all make it a much more expensive deal than our chosen approach, which is to travel the country to specialist plant Shows (and offer an online postal service).

Think of us as a mobile library rather than a bricks and mortar one!

Also, we grow our plants close to the banks of the River Trent, and access would be a big issue.

We do shows all over the country, so look forward to meeting you at one of our shows or fairs (see the EVENTS tab, on the top menu bar).

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