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HOW TO MAKE - a Bee+Butterfly haven

Many people looking to re-wild or include wildflowers in their garden, are drawn by wanting to attract pollinators and support natural ecosystems.

So which ARE the best wildflowers for this purpose.

I thought I'd do a league table based on our experience, trials, and research.

1) Bird's Foot Trefoil - winner by a mile. Attracts 5+ UK butterflies to breed.

2) Common Sorrel - attracts Small Copper butterflies to breed.

3) Common Knapweed - probably the best nectar wildflower.

4) Field Scabious - excellent butterfly plant in late season.

5) Meadowsweet - simply buzzes with insects.

6) White Campion - also attracts Moths at dusk with scent.

7) Musk Mallow - is loved by Bees.

8) All Feb/Mar flowering wildflowers - vital early nectar.

9) Lady's Bedstraw - loved by Butterflies and Bees.

10) Corn Marigold - is loved by solitary/Honey Bees.

All of our wildflowers attract pollinators, but this is our top 10.

We hope this helps...

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